Arctic Mission

HM Armed Forces Arctic Mission
HM Armed Forces Arctic Mission

HMAF Arctic Mission is the new theme for HM Armed Forces toys launched at the London Toy Fair 2010.

Devised and created in partnership with Her Majesty’s Forces the HMAF Arctic Mission range will include new figures and vehicles specially equipped for cold climate survival missions.

The Arctic Mission range includes three vehicles. There’s the Tactical Battle Tank and Quad Bike, seen last year in desert camouflage, released in brand new arctic camouflage livery. Plus there is an all new Remote Controlled Military Skidoo. This superb new specialist arctic skidoo is perfectly scaled to the figures and is the very first RC vehicle in the HM Armed Forces toys line-up.

Part of the Army series, the new Arctic Infantry Commando Ski Patrol Set with Cold Weather Kit comes with skis, snow shoes, balaclava, goggles and a white 5.56mm assault rifle.

The Arctic Pulk Figure Set contains a Royal Marines Commando with a pulk for pulling supplies and kit. This Arctic Mission HMAF commando figure comes with the all white tunic with Arctic camouflaged sniper rifle, satellite phone with case, skis and snow shoes. It also has the new swivelling Hawk Eyes feature.

Complimenting the Arctic Mission range is another very welcome accessory pack, the RAF Forward Air Controller Arctic Equipment Set. With this set you can equip any existing HMAF figure for Arctic Missions. The set includes replacement boots, white hands, white helmet, 2-piece arctic camouflage uniform plus forward Air Controller Unit with tripod.