Junior Heroes

Junior Heroes toys have been developed by Character Options in conjunction with the Royal Navy and the RAF. Whereas the existing HMAF figures and toys are much-loved by a slightly older audience, Junior Heroes will definitely appeal to pre-school children. There are four Junior Hero vehicles to collect; Larry the Landing Craft, Sammy the Submarine, […]

RC Military Skidoo

Arctic Mission includes detailed snow-equipped figures and vehicles and is the new HMAF range for 2010. Other vehicles in the Arctic Mission range include the Tactical Battle Tank and Quad Bike. Though the Remote Controlled Military Skidoo is without doubt the must-have toy from the range. The skidoo is purpose-built for Arctic Missions, often used […]

Arctic Infantry Commando

The Arctic Infantry Commando Ski Patrol Set is an HMAF Army Figure in the Arctic Mission range. HM Armed Forces figure the Army Arctic Commando is dressed in arctic whites with camouflage patrol vest and all white backpack. He also has a balaclava and removable helmet with snow goggles. For getting around the Arctic Commando […]

Arctic Mission

Arctic Mission is a brand new HMAF arctic-themed range of figures and vehicles launched in 2010. HMAF Arctic Mission includes the all-new RC Military Skidoo as well as the Tactical Battle Tank and Quad Bike repainted in arctic camouflage. Also available in 2010 are two new figures; the Arctic Infantry Commando Ski Patrol Set and […]

VTOL Fast Jet

The VTOL Fast Jet is the first aircraft to be released in the HMAF toys Royal Air Force range. With its vertical take off and landing capability the Fast Jet can be deployed to both on shore bases and on board the Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers. Deployment of the RAF Fast Jet can be achieved […]

Squadron Command

HM Armed Forces Squadron Command comes in two versions – an RAF version and the Royal Navy Launcher with Joint Combat Aircraft. This Squadron Command HMAF toy aircraft comes with a spring-powered handheld launcher capable of firing it up to a distance of 10 metres. Not only that but the Squadron Command launcher features realistic […]

Regiment Gunner

The first two two brand new HMAF figures for 2010 have been released to add to the HM Armed Forces Action Figure range. First up is the new HM Armed Forces RAF Regiment Gunner. The Regiment Gunner, similar to the already available HMAF Army Infantryman and Mortarman Action Figure, wears the removable desert combats complete […]

Paratrooper Figure

The HMAF Paratrooper Figure sees its first release in 2010 as part of the HM Armed Forces Army series. Following on from the successful 2009 release of the RAF Falcon Parachutist, The Army Paratrooper Figure is a similarly robust figure; strong enough to survive active service during the most arduous ‘throw and deploy’ parachute manoeuvres […]

Night Vision Goggles

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited of all the HMAF toys are Character Options Night Vision Goggles. The HMAF range includes a number of such ‘Tri-Force’ toys as used jointly by the Army, Royal Navy and RAF. HMAF Night Vision Goggles use technology developed for the military. The hi-tech goggles feature an infrared image intensifier which […]

Night Vision Binoculars

Following the success of the Night Vision Goggles, Character Options in conjunction with HM Armed Forces, are releasing the new HMAF Night Vision Binoculars. HM Armed Forces Night Vision Binoculars feature a real infrared image intensifier which allows the viewer to see up to an amazing 15 metres in absolute darkness. The new ‘dual eye’ […]