Junior Heroes

Junior Heroes toys have been developed by Character Options in conjunction with the Royal Navy and the RAF. Whereas the existing HMAF figures and toys are much-loved by a slightly older audience, Junior Heroes will definitely appeal to pre-school children. There are four Junior Hero vehicles to collect; Larry the Landing Craft, Sammy the Submarine, […]

VTOL Fast Jet

The VTOL Fast Jet is the first aircraft to be released in the HMAF toys Royal Air Force range. With its vertical take off and landing capability the Fast Jet can be deployed to both on shore bases and on board the Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers. Deployment of the RAF Fast Jet can be achieved […]

Night Vision Goggles

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited of all the HMAF toys are Character Options Night Vision Goggles. The HMAF range includes a number of such ‘Tri-Force’ toys as used jointly by the Army, Royal Navy and RAF. HMAF Night Vision Goggles use technology developed for the military. The hi-tech goggles feature an infrared image intensifier which […]

Jackal M-WMIK

The toy HMAF M-WMIK Jackal is largely based on the real vehicles currently deployed in Afghanistan. The Jackal is a four wheel drive all terrain patrol vehicle with phenomenal firepower, speed and agility. Equally comfortable off road, this HMAF vehicle sports a 5.9 litre engine and is capable of speeds of 80mph on the tarmac. […]

Female Navy Medic

As trailed on this site last year the HMAF Female Navy Medic figure will be released in 2010. Part of the HM Armed Forces Royal Navy series, the highly-detailed new Female Medic figure wears a fabric desert camouflage uniform complete with red cross armband. The Medic has a pistol and holster, removable helmet and removable […]

Commando Sniper

The HM Armed Forces Royal Marines Commando Sniper is a brand new HMAF figure for 2010. This deluxe HMAF figure, though retailing at a slightly higher price point, features an exciting new innovation. The ‘Hawk Eyes’ feature harks back to the ‘Eagle Eye’ Palitoy Action Man era with the movable eyes operated by a small […]

Welcome to HMAF Toys

HM Armed Forces toys and HMAF Action Figures are a new range of toys and collectible figures licensed by the MOD and released by Character Options. Each toy has been designed and sculpted by Designworks with close consultation and approval from senior commanders in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. HMAF figures include three action figures representing […]

Countdown to HMAF

HM Armed Forces toys are set to be officially launched on May 8th 2009 to coincide with VE Day. The HMAF range was first publicly displayed by the maker Character Options at the London Toy Fair in January 2009 where it won the Best Action Figure & Accessories award. The launch will be backed up […]

HMAF Press Launch

“This Brand is Long Term” Today at RAF Northolt the Ministry of Defence and Character Group held the spectacular Press Launch for HM Armed Forces toys. Behind an ultra tight security cordon deep inside the base Character unveiled a hanger stockpiled with every HMAF release we can expect this year, as well as some that […]

HMAF Female Medic

Some of the mainstream media were reporting last week that there were no women figures in Character’s HMAF line up. Thats not the case at all. There’s a female figure on the way and at least one other in the design stage. The MoD are stressing that they want to see the range reflecting the […]