Arctic Infantry Commando

The Arctic Infantry Commando Ski Patrol Set is an HMAF Army Figure in the Arctic Mission range. HM Armed Forces figure the Army Arctic Commando is dressed in arctic whites with camouflage patrol vest and all white backpack. He also has a balaclava and removable helmet with snow goggles. For getting around the Arctic Commando […]

Regiment Gunner

The first two two brand new HMAF figures for 2010 have been released to add to the HM Armed Forces Action Figure range. First up is the new HM Armed Forces RAF Regiment Gunner. The Regiment Gunner, similar to the already available HMAF Army Infantryman and Mortarman Action Figure, wears the removable desert combats complete […]

Paratrooper Figure

The HMAF Paratrooper Figure sees its first release in 2010 as part of the HM Armed Forces Army series. Following on from the successful 2009 release of the RAF Falcon Parachutist, The Army Paratrooper Figure is a similarly robust figure; strong enough to survive active service during the most arduous ‘throw and deploy’ parachute manoeuvres […]

Female Navy Medic

As trailed on this site last year the HMAF Female Navy Medic figure will be released in 2010. Part of the HM Armed Forces Royal Navy series, the highly-detailed new Female Medic figure wears a fabric desert camouflage uniform complete with red cross armband. The Medic has a pistol and holster, removable helmet and removable […]

HMAF Vs Action Man

Before there was HMAF, there was Action Man and GI Joe… It all began with Hasbro back in 1964. US toy giant Hasbro created a line of 12″ military GI Joe action figures based on the soldiers, sailors, pilots and marines of the US Armed Forces. Then in 1966, licensed by Hasbro, Palitoy released their […]

HMAF Female Medic

Some of the mainstream media were reporting last week that there were no women figures in Character’s HMAF line up. Thats not the case at all. There’s a female figure on the way and at least one other in the design stage. The MoD are stressing that they want to see the range reflecting the […]

HMAF Diversity

The whole concept of the new range of HM Armed Forces toys was summed up by Brigadier Mark van der Lande at the HMAF launch yesterday “To promote the image, ethos and reputation of our service personnel”. Contrary to inaccurate weekend press reports there are of course action figures in the line that reflect the […]

HMAF Mercenary Figure

Now that we’ve seen the initial line up of HMAF figures, some fans are left wondering “Where’s the bad guy?” After all, the HMAF 10 inch hero action figures ought to have something to fight against… Well, Character Group’s MD Jon Diver has now answered this important question. Absolutely, yes, there will be a “generic […]

HMAF Action Figures

Getting the realism into certain HMAF action figures was achieved by using real life action heroes. Digital sculpts were taken of several serving HM Armed Forces personnel. The picture above shows real life RAF Winchman Sergeant Ed Griffiths holding his action figure counterpart. Ed is more usually found swinging from a rope below a Sea […]