Talking HMAF Figures

New for 2011 are the HMAF Talking Figures. There’s the Army Talking Infantryman, the Navy Talking Hawk Eyes Commando, and the RAF Talking Police Dog Handler. All three have the new MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern) camouflage uniform developed by HM Armed Forces for use in the varying terrain of Afghanistan and coming into wider use in …

New HMAF Toys 2011

At the London Toy Fair on January 25th 2011 Character unveiled their new HM Armed Forces toys for 2011. First mention must go to the Army Apache Helicopter. Fully armoured this four-blade, twin-engine attack helicopter comes with a chain gun carried between its main landing gear under the aircraft’s forward fuselage. The superb new HMAF …

Micro Figures

Unveiled at the London Toy Fair, HM Armed Forces Micro Figures and Playsets are a major new extension to the HMAF toy range. HMAF Character Building Micro-Figures and Playsets are marketed by Character under a new ‘Character Building’ line of ‘Collectable, Constructable & Compatible’ lego-inspired toys. The HMAF micro figures stand roughly 2″ tall and …

RAF Merlin Helicopter Set

For the latest updates on the new HMAF Character Building figures and releases, including the RAF Merlin Helicopter set visit the HM Armed Forces Character Building page.

Series 2 HMAF Micro Figures

Series 2 HMAF Micro Figures include several new releases. These include Royal Navy Diver, Royal Navy Submariner Officer, Army Bomb Disposal Officer, Army Guardsman and RAF Regiment Gunner. As with Series 1 they are found in foil blind bags. See the Character Building page.